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CORZO Xcountry

Newly redesigned undercarriages in 4 sizes are the base for the CORZO’s very popular line of multipurpose rehabbuggies. Wide range of rehab-buggies CORZO Xcountry in all sizes 30, 34, 38 and 42 is determined for a short-stay usage of children with special needs, e.g. during the transportation. Fully foldable undercarriage of specific authentic design is produced from lightweight alloy profiles with powder coating finish. Buggy is equipped with optimized buggyfolding system, wheels of 175/265 mm, light frame, 5-point fixation ensuring high safety and comfortable handling, high maximum load (up to 75 kg - sizes 38, 42) and very easy folding. Those features make the products very well suitable for in-town conditions and public transportation, but as well as for light outdoor activities. Despite all the advantages of the buggy-folding, CORZO Xcountry preserves as well as fully the positioning and the “growing” advantages of the standard rehab-strollers, such a seat depth adjustment, height adjustable backrest, height adjustable footrest and backrest height extension (size 38, 42 only). Wide variety of sizes and modifications ensure fulfilling of majority requirements of user’s wide spectrum. The correct usage of the product should be consulted with a seating specialist. Products corresponds to the newest EC standards as well as hygienic, technical and safety requirements.

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CORZO Xcountry

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Lightness, easy foldability, compactness and good terrain through big wheels are the advantages you will appreciate with REHA Buggy strollers. They are suitable for short stays of handicapped children. CORZO X Country has the ability to adjust the seat depth and backrest height, which extends the useful life.

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