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TOM4 Classic CSI version

Purpose–made line of specially adjusted products, which comes out from approved conception of PATRON well-known TOM-strollers‘ line, includes purpose-adjusted chassis and the CSI-interface. This products line is strongly determine for the seat-shell producers or for the seating professionals to provide customised solution of the seating arrangements. TOM 4 Classic CSI-version - product line of fully adjustable special undercarriages is based on well approved design of the TOM-line undercarriages with 300 mm (200/300 mm) solid wheels, that enables usage of the products in town, as well as in light terrain. Fully foldable spring-cushioned undercarriage is produced from lightweight thin-walled tubes with powder coating finish. Undercarriage includes chassis to seat interface with the quick-release lock, new brake-system, ergonomically shaped height adjustable handlebar. Easy handling is ensured as well by the stroller‘s fully foldable frame. All products correspond to the standard hygienic, technical and safety requirements.

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TOM4 Classic CSI version

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Adjustable undercarriage, folding spring suspension undercarriage, seat with quick release lock

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    TOM4 Classic CSI version RKC101YYY

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