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TOM 5 Clipper

TOM 5 Clipper is a highly innovative mobility medical device for transporting children with special needs that requires full placement of the elements as well as full support for your body and stabilizing your seating for everyday activities. The redesigned well-approved high-tech chassis is produced in part by the ALUX high-tech manufacturing process, which uses an aluminum-titanium alloy combination of joint hardener. The ALUX method ensures low weight and high strength. The fully hinged chassis includes, among other things, well-designed and crash-tested seat interface chassis, foot brake system, ergonomically shaped handlebars with height adjustment and a thoroughly redesigned telescope-operated seat tilt system in space. The lightweight seating unit is produced in 3 sizes, made partly by the high-tech ALUX production method. The seat unit is removable and swiveling, fully adjustable and adjustable in size (using the Flexi-Mat Set). The highly innovative MONOSLIDE seat design offers a well-approved flexible system for attaching and anchoring fixation accessories and accessories (a variety of professional accessories available on request). The seat cover is covered with a fully removable soft upholstered textile. Easy handling is ensured by the fully foldable stroller frame, even with attached seat.

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TOM 5 Clipper

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Fully tilting chassis, ergonomically shaped handlebars with height adjustment and thoroughly redesigned telescope

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