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FROGGO is highly innovative seating system for children with special needs, which require full positioning features as well as body support and stabilization in sitting for everyday activities (at home , at school, at rehabilitation centres , ….). FROGGO seat is manufactured in 3 sizes. Full aluminium ALUX seat-unit is fully size adjustable, as well as fully position adjustable. Highly innovative seat MONOSLIDE design offers well approved flexible system for attaching and anchoring of fixation devices and positioning accessories (great variety of professional accessory available upon request). Seat shell is covered by fully detachable soft padded textile upholstery. High-low telescopic chassis enable great flexibility of seat unit positioning in different everyday situations (sitting, eating, resting, playing, …) The correct usage of this product line should be consulted with a seating specialist. Products corresponds to the newest EC standards as well as hygienic, technical and safety requirements.

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